Taxis in Hungary are not feeling Uber

May 17, 2016


Uber, a ride-sharing application, has caused controversy around the world with its ease of use and comparatively low prices. Budapest taxi drivers do not like it because it is hurting their market share. Ultimately, what this debate comes down to is regulation. And that is precisely what the government wants to do with a new law that would ban the application and its servers from being accessed in Hungary.

Hungarian taxi drivers have been protesting, albeit with minimal success, to have the government restrict access to the ride-sharing program. Until now. The government, specifically the Minister of National Development, has just submitted a proposal to the National Assembly to ban access to Uber servers inside Hungary.

According to the proposal, the purpose of the law is to obstruct access to unlawfully operating taxi or taxi-service type dispatchers operating on the internet.

Hungarian news site reports the government plans on doing this by working with the National Media and Infocommunications Authority to block websites and by severely penalizing drivers caught using the program.