Teachers Trade Union to boycott today’s education roundtable

February 9, 2016

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Teachers Trade Union (PSZ) president Mrs. István Galló told ATV’s Olga Kálman Monday evening that the failure of the Ministry to invite teachers professional organizations was one reason her organization had decided not to participate in Tuesday’s roundtable.  Another was the government’s refusal to disclose whom else it had invited.

“I do not believe the participants will be able to provide the ministry with information it does not already have” said Galló, pointing out that a detailed report identifying the most pressing problems and their solutions had been sent to the ministry at the beginning of December. “We don’t know if we’re invited to a wedding or a funeral,” complained Mrs. Galló.

Galló cited news on Monday that yet another school had been forced to cancelled classes because Klik had failed to pay the gas bill in time as further proof that “the system has become unworkable.”

“Systematic changes are needed.  We don’t need to talk about them.  We need to do them” said the trade union leader.

Mrs. Galló told ATV that one of the teachers’ demands is that the Public Education Policy Council be restored.

Abolished by the second Orbán government, the council was made up of representatives of 24 different groups ranging from trade unions and professional organizations to teachers’ and parents’ organizations.  “It’s completely obvious that next to the prime minister there should be a council whose opinion he either accepts or rejects” says Galló.

She said that her organization had already formed a strike committee, and that following three unsuccessful meetings with government officials, the strike committee had called for street protests to take place on Saturday, February 13th.

She said the committee was scheduled to meet with Minister Balog on Friday, February 12th, and that or this reason her organization saw no need to attempt Tuesday’s roundtable negotiations.

While acknowledging that it was not possible to do away with Klik overnight, she said it was essential the “right of the employer” be restored to school directors, and that they be empowered to run their respective institutions, including authorizing payment of bills.