Teachers’ salaries unaffected by mandated minimum wage increases in Hungary

November 28, 2016


Teachers Trade Union (PSZ) president Mrs. István Galló says teachers have been worse off by as much as HUF 30,000 (USD 105) a month since the government eliminated a law tying their wages to minimum wage.

Galló told Klubrádio that increases to the minimum wage for 2017 and 2018 recently mandated by parliament would have no impact on teachers’ wages, as the basis for calculating them is no longer the actual minimum wage of any given year but rather that of 2014, which is already 8.5 percent less than the current minimum gross wage of HUF 111,000 and considerably less than the HUF 129,000 promised for next year.

“This means the highest-paid teachers will earn as much as HUF 48,000 (USD 166) less a month than what the government previously promised them,” said the trade union leader.

“Only in Hungary is working longer and harder for the same hourly rate called a wage increase,” Galló complained, noting that under the second Orbán government (2010-2014) increases in teachers’ salaries were accompanied by an increase in workload, as well as burdensome administrative duties.