Teachers union unswayed by government promises to disband KLIK

March 23, 2016

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The Teachers Union (PSZ) has stepped back from earlier plans to ask teachers to hold a demonstration at 4pm on Wednesday, March 30th, reports Hungarian news site origo.hu. According to the union’s president, Mrs. István Galló, this latest decision was made in an effort to avoid splitting the attention and support of teachers because the Tanítanék (“I would teach”) movement had already announced a demonstration to take place earlier that day.

Galló said the Teachers Union continues to hold to its belief in the freedom to express one’s opinion and that the organization will still organize a strike if it cannot reach an agreement with the government.

The Teachers Union and government have been engaged for weeks in talks over education reforms.

In response to a recent statement by Ministry for Human Resources (EMMI) undersecretary Bence Rétvári that the government would do away with the overly-centralized KLIK national education system, Galló said KLIK would be replaced with many smaller KLIKs whose organizational and professional independence have not yet been guaranteed.

Rétvári’s statements concerning the disbanding of KLIK turned out to be half truth. As reported by Hungarian news site 444.hu, the government plans on keeping a centralized education system (which has been at the crux of teachers’ concerns) but will change the entity’s name.