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Tempers flare in parliament over government’s xenophobic policies

The government’s xenophobic policies provoked a heated exchange in parliament yesterday between Tamás Harangozó (of opposition Hungarian Socialist Party, MSZP) and László L. Simon (ruling party Fidesz).

Harangozó accused the government of trying to divert the public’s attention from the “tragedies” of public health, education and outward migration with a campaign targeting immigrants.

The socialist MP believes Fidesz is stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment and fomenting hatred among those living below the poverty line in order to pass the blame for its failed policies.

Harangozó stressed that it was Fidesz and not immigrants that was responsible for poverty in Hungary and the fact that people cannot get an appointment for a blood test or must wait years for an operation.

He strongly condemned the government’s education policy, which he called “elitist, feudal and barbaric”, and said was returning the country to the Middle Ages. The government had been incapable of creating homes for young people, and if this continued it would soon be begging immigrants to come here and work for starvation wages while the government steals.

Harangozó said corruption was the only cohesive strength in the government.

Simon categorically rejected Harangozó’s “tsunami of demagoguery”, claiming that “the only advantage to returning to the Middle Ages is that “at least this way we would have been spared the fifty years of glorious socialism and communism that you put on our necks!”.  Simon asserted that among the socialist MPs were “party state leaders who operated a dictatorship”.



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