The real face of Jobbik, Hungary's radical right wing party

May 18, 2015

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Hungarian blog “Kettős Mercé” (Double Standard) published the following article in Hungarian on Saturday, May 16th:

While (radical right wing Jobbik party founder and chairman Gábor) Vona has long dreamed of Jobbik becoming a mass party, in the end Jobbik’s basic organizations have not forgotten their roots.  In Jéke for example they are campaigning using (Hungarian fascist) Arrow Cross propaganda.

We have frequently written about the difference between the rhetoric of Jobbik populist “cute campaign” and the uncompromising antisemitism, anti-Gypsy, and racism of its local representatives.  …

According to the Jobbik candidate in the Tapolca by-election, subsequently elected to parliament, “Gypsies are the biological weapons of the Jews”.  Moreover, Jobbik candidates in Gyomaendrőd and Karcag systematically post their Facebook pages Holocaust denials, racist statements, and quasi-scientific materials.

Last October in Szabolcs-Szatmár Bereg county, an independent candidate enjoying the support of Jobbik was elected mayor of Jéke.  Three of the four elected assemblymen were Jobbik candidates.  In this way Jéke became one of ten settlements to elect an “independent” mayor subscribing to Jobbik ideas.  However, we have encountered a number of instances when the local organizations do not post cute campaign materials featuring puppy dogs, but antisemitic and Arrow Cross propaganda.

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Jobbik candidate for general assembly Csaba Hultai confirmed that the Facebook pages in question are the official pages of the local Jobbik chapter.

If Vona serious believes in cutting the wild shoots, then we once again offer him the following tip.

The original photographs can be found here, here, and here, if they haven’t already been deleted.  (All pages were subsequently deleted on Facebook-ed.)

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“If I expose the lies, then I’m an antisemite!

If I want to remain Hungarian in Hungary: I’m a neo-Nazi!”


“We are struggling for one goal!

Be proud that you are a Hungarian!

“Jobbik Movement for Hungary, Jéke

Attention!  Pro-Hungarian “National Socialist skinheads and other extreme right wing movements”.  The inappropriate foreign and domestic politics of the country’s leaders has made necessary immediate solidarity on the part of every ideological movement.  Anti-Hungarian sentiment reigns in our country.  Gypsy and Jewish terror has taken over.  The result of this is that the Hungarian people are in danger.  For the sake of our children’s future we must join together!  Let us put aside the differences among the right wing movements’ points of views and join the fray with a united strength against the foreign races and oppressors.  “It is possible to die in work but never to tire of it!”  PERSEVERANCE!  THE START OF THE FIRST MOVEMENT CAN BE IN MISKOLC FOLLOWED BY THE LARGE CITIES OF THE OTHER COUNTIES THE AFTERNOON OF AUGUST 30TH.   ALTHOUGH THERE IS NO PLAN, IT WILL SIMPLY HAPPEN, WHICH IS WHAT IS GOOD ABOUT IT BECAUSE THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING AGAINST IT AND THERE WILL BE SOMETHING WORTH SEEING AND AT THAT TIME IT WILL BE DETERMINED WHERE WE GO, AND IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA THEN IT IS POSSIBLE TO SUGGEST IT.”

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“The Hungarian will not be the slave of the Jew,

His ground will not be the site of the Jew,

His dream will not be the toy thing of the Jew,

In his homeland there will be no shadow!

The Hungarian does not fear the Jew hand,

nor a fight, nor blood,

The Hungarian does not die in cowardice,

Rather die in fire, flames”

/ Whisperer /