Three charged in Csongrád county for attempting to organize border vigilante group

March 27, 2017

Charges have been filed by the Csongrád County Prosecutor’s Office against István Mátyás Vass and two others for the illegal organization of public safety activities, reports. Vass is accused of attempting to enlist border vigilantes “who will undertake dog and horse patrols and reconnaissance from the towns along the Serbian border…”, via a Facebook event created under a pseudonym. The event, which Vass called the “Hunyadi Volunteer Border Hunter Unit”, also sought “warriors” who would “in reinforced, quick-reacting units, undertake the arrest and forced removal of intruders back across the border.”

The Facebook event was created in July 2015, but the potential vigilante group’s first assembly, scheduled for the morning of August 2, 2015, was a bust: no one showed up. But Vass created a second Facebook event, this time with the name “Hunyadi Volunteer Reserve Border Hunter Battalion.” Vass wrote on the page that “the authorities are unable to handle the migrant situation in the expected way.”