Tough guy wedding photographer assaults woman at Tusványos

July 25, 2017


Wedding photographer Áron Borbáth assaulted a female demonstrator during Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s address at Fidesz’s annual Tusványos jamboree in Băile Tușnad, Romania, on Saturday. Borbáth’s wife is reportedly an employee of the Hungarian consulate in Csikszereda, Romania. recorded the incident. In the video below, Borbáth can be seen grabbing the only demonstrator present by the hair from behind, yanking her down to the ground (starting at 0:10). Another male, dressed in shorts and a white shirt, can be seen smiling while attempting to wrangle the whistle out of the demonstrator’s hand. Another man can be heard saying, “Her teeth should be beaten out!”

Not a single bystander present at Orbán’s speech made any attempt to intervene on behalf of the outnumbered woman, and many made disparaging comments as she was assaulted.

Tough guy says sorry

Áron Borbáth, Photo:

Borbáth reportedly offered something of an apology on his Facebook page Saturday night, saying, “I know that what happened today was unacceptable. I beg pardon, I should not have acted in this way!”

Since then, Borbáth’s Facebook page and wedding photography website have gone offline.


Andrea Ladó, the female pulled to the ground, told she would not press charges against the people seen assaulting her in the video.

Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) MP Andrea Csép expressed her disappointment that while Ladó was forcibly removed from the event following the incident, the photographer who assaulted her was allowed to remain. Csép also told that it was unfortunate no one who witnessed the assault intervened to help Ladó.

“Even if the woman was provocative, it does not mean that she must be dealt with aggressively, grabbed by the hair and dragged to the ground,” Csép told Tuesday morning. “And that is what happened. Regardless of whether someone is a man or woman, I believe there is no excuse for aggressive behavior, even if someone is caught up [in the heat of the moment].”