Trump wanted to bring Kata Sarka up to his Moscow hotel room, writes blogger

January 14, 2017

Translation of  “Trump wanted to bring Kata Sarka up to his Moscow hotel room”  appearing in Szabolcs Panyi’s blog on

At least, that’s what the celebrity said in a video last year. She even showed [Hungarian tabloid] Blikk the billionaire’s business card.

Although the Trump scandal blown up by CNN and BuzzFeed involving a 35-page report full of unsubstantiated accusations does indeed stink, it puts a Hungarian celebrity story from last year, which seemed totally harmless at the time, in a whole new light. One of the racier claims of the document, compiled by a British ex-spy, was that Trump was filmed by Russian secret services engaged in a urine-fetish sex party with Moscow prostitutes in a luxury hotel. Trump categorically denied everything, but there is a specific allegation that the president-elect tried to pick up women in Moscow, and wanted to bring a Hungarian woman up to his room.

In one of Tibi Kasza’s videos from May 2016, Kata Sarka laughingly recounts how Donald Trump had tried to pick her up a couple of years prior, exactly in Moscow. ( spotted the video)

“We were in Russia at the Miss Universe pageant, and a man came up to me and took my hand. He was in the middle of a bunch of bodyguards, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him, and asked, ‘Who are you?’ He asked in English…And he gave me his business card with his private number, and he said which hotel and in what room he was staying, and that his name was Donald Trump.”

Kata Sarka later gave more details of the encounter to Blikk: she said Trump had no qualms and “wanted to take her up to his room.” Trump’s alleged proposal occurred at the after-party of the 2013 Miss Universe beauty pageant finals in Moscow, and Sarka showed the billionaire’s private business card to Blikk as proof of the event (seen here).

Sarka told the tabloid that she didn’t take Trump’s advance seriously, and that her husband Péter Hajdu was there as well – Trump, however, arrived in Moscow without his wife Melania.