Two more journalists banned from parliament

November 21, 2017

Two more journalists banned from parliament
Prosecutor General Péter Polt (L) and reporter Tamás Fábián (R) on one of the “illegal” corridors of the Parliament | Photo: reports that two of its journalists, Ferenc Bakró-Nagy and Tamás Fábián, have been banned from Parliament.

According to a statement released by the National Assembly’s press officer, Zoltán Szilágyi, the two journalists were repeat offenders of the National Assembly’s rules of conduct, and both are banned from entering Parliament and the parliamentarian offices.

Last week, Bakró-Nagy and Fábián interviewed Prosecutor General Péter Polt in the National Assembly’s main building. The interview took place in a hallway where journalists are forbidden from using recording equipment.

According to Index, the two journalists saw Polt – who rarely gives interviews – and started talking to him. Polt did not avoid the camera and proceeded to respond to their questions.

Journalists are frequently banned from Parliament for violating the National Assembly’s code of conduct for them. News outlets have long been critical of the restrictive measures employed by the National Assembly as it relates to where journalists are allowed to practice their profession inside the building.