Two Momentum Movement executive board members resign

August 9, 2017

Momentum’s five-member board. Photo: Momentum Facebook

Momentum Movement is missing two of its five executive board members following the resignation of party director Barnabás Kádár (right) at the party’s General Assembly on 6 August, reports  A few days before his surprise announcement, Edina Pottyondy (second from right) announced her resignation from the five-member presidium.

A coordinator for the Nolimpia campaign, Kádár started his work in Momentum as a party member a year and a half ago, helping to oversee the collection of 266,000 signatures in support of a referendum on Budapest holding the 2024 Summer Olympics. The Budapest city council later withdrew its application to hold the games.

“I had operational and internal debates with different actors in the organization, although personal reasons were at play as well,” Kádar said of his resignation, adding that such conflict “is natural for such an organization that started as a group of friends and turned into a countrywide movement within half a year.”

Kádár will remain a member of Momentum and continue to work as a data analyst for the party. He also helps to maintain relations with foreign parties.

Board member Edina Pottyondy resigned last Wednesday. She was elected to the board after the Nolimpia campaign in March, and said her departure was due to personal reasons but, like Kádár, she will remain a member and continue her community-building work.

According to, Momentum will elect two new members to the board within two weeks.