Two-Tailed Dog Party raises money to build space station in Felcsút

May 9, 2017

The Two-Tailed Dog Party is embarking on what may be its most ambitious plan to date. It plans to build a space station. In Felcsút.

“Hello! We have come to [Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s hometown of] Felcsút to rent some land or a house so that we could build the local space station,” says party chairman Gergő Kovács in a video. “The reason why we need a new space station is because the 40 days of sunshine has begun, after which the Earth will be destroyed.

“We would get certain people from emblematic groups in Hungarian society, a male and a female, to get into space so that they may recolonize Earth. We will send a public employment worker couple into space, a competitive sporting couple, a pipe-fitter couple, a strawman couple, and a dog couple [a play on words: ‘couple’ in Hungarian is the same word for party].”

Once the space station in Felcsút is built, the party says it will embark on bringing eternal life to Hungary (and then free beer).

The crowdfunded campaign will run for another 28 days. The party hopes to gather HUF 10 million (USD 35,000) to build the space station.

Felcsút, in addition to being Orbán’s hometown, also houses the famous Pancho Arena football stadium, which is across the street from Orbán’s house, and a narrow-gauge miniature railway, a pet project of his.