UNICEF: Child poverty in Hungary highest in EU

March 19, 2015


In Hungary 620,000 children live in homes with mildew and mold. This information is part of a civil society campaign that highlights the conditions of child poverty in Hungary.

One in three children live in an environment that poses significant harm to their health. 170,000 children live in homes that do not even have an indoor toilet, and even more live in homes without lighting.

Leaking roofs, walls ridden with mildew and mold contribute to the higher rate of children suffering from asthma. Parents try in vain to solve the problem with dehumidifiers, which only result in higher utility costs for the already impoverished families.

According to the report by UNICEF, of all EU countries Hungary has seen the highest growth in child poverty in recent years, and those already affected by child poverty have only been getting poorer. The significant hardships faced by these families only splits them apart. One-third of children taken away from their families come from households with unlivable conditions.

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