Videos show skinheads prevented Nyakó from being first to submit referendum proposal

March 18, 2016


Hungarian news site has obtained previously unreleased security camera footage of the infamous referendum scandal that took place at the National Election Office on February 23rd.  The incident whereby a group of private security guards obstructed Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) politician István Nyakó from being the first to time-stamp his proposal for a national referendum triggered a flashmob that afternoon and was widely condemned.

The security camera footage clearly shows that a dozen buff skinheads prevented Nyakó from being the first person to submit a referendum question to the National Election Office for verification.

The footage shows Mrs. László Erdősi and a man accompanying her arriving to the National Election Office after Nyakó. The skinheads allowed Erdősi to enter in front of them and blocked Nyakó. It is important to note that the National Election Committee did not allow the security camera footage to be played during their meeting on February 29th when they approved Erdősi’s question.

04:10: Two of the skinhead bosses arrive at the National Election Office that is closed.

04:21: More skinheads arrive and one of the bosses starts handing out folders to them.

05:55: István Nyakó, Zoltán Lukács and a third person arrive at the office to drop off their own referendum question. They don’t stand directly in the entrance of the building, but instead keep distance between themselves and the skinheads. The skinheads break up into groups. One group stands in the doorway, the other stands near Nyakó.

06:44: Lászlóné Erdősi and the man accompanying her arrive. The man accompanying her is the one who – with the help of the skinheads – time-stamps Erdősi’s referendum question four seconds before Nyakó.

06:45: Erdősi and the man make their way to the entry of the building. One of the skinheads’ bosses sends Erdősi’s partner to the back of the line, and the group of skinheads then encircle Erdősi.

07:00: The office is opened and the skinheads allow Erdősi to enter first and take her place in the entry of the building. Next, almost all of the skinheads enter the entry. Nyakó’s group is stuck outside. Erdősi’s partner couldn’t enter the building at first but was let in a few minutes later.

07:17: An MTI photographer starts taking pictures and one of the skinhead bosses steps forward and starts taking pictures of the photographer with his cell phone. He then grabs the photographer’s camera.

07:40: Nyakó tries to enter the building but one of the skinheads obstructs his entrance, preventing him.