Viktor Orbán: Hungary First!

February 19, 2018

Viktor Orbán: Hungary First!
“Hungary First! | Photo: MTI/Zoltán Máthé

Viktor Orbán delivered his twentieth annual state of the country address Sunday afternoon at the Castle Garden Bazar at the foot of Budapest’s Castle District, reports

Arriving Fidesz politicians were greeted by demonstrators with banners proclaiming “Welcome Orbánocracy!.” A cadre of Együtt activists announced that “This is the line for those with stolen money to enter!” while others mocked Fidesz deputy chairman and parliamentary whip Lajos Kósa’s ill-considered remarks by singing “El-vesz-tet-te a közpénzjellegét, közpénzjellegét, közpénzjellegét”(“It lost the quality of public money, public money, public money”).

The event was hosted by the Hungarian Citizen Cooperation Association (Magyar Polgári Együttműködés Egyesület). Minister for Human Resources Zoltán Balog reportedly opened the event by reminding the audience that many people thought Noah was crazy too when he started building his ark.

After criticizing those “wishing to excite their boring lives with alternative forms of living together,” Balog said that nothing less than the future was at stake in the 2018 election. He said that while Brussels may turn away from the Hungarians, the Bavarians are holding the hand of the prime minister with encouraging admiration.”

At that point Prime Minister Orbán took the stage, pointing out that Fidesz was thirty years old and that the election was in 49 days.

After denouncing his political opponents for being all talk and no action (as well as for lacking modesty), the Fidesz chairman pointed out that after eight years of Fidesz rule there were many many new jobs, inflation was low, that central bank governor György Matolcsy had rapidly restructured the national bank, that pensioners had received a Christmas bonus, everywhere construction was taking place, agriculture was doing well, more Roma (gypsy) students were attending high school than ever before, and FX loans had been done away with.

Orbán expressed surprise that “lifestyles were regenerating so quickly,” boasting that “we can’t build enough wellness hotels,” adding that “despite all the trauma, the Hungarian people had remained a people of culture.”

In the prime minister’s opinion “we got everything out of the eight years that we could. Even with the mistakes, the eight years was acceptable. Hungary should never have a worse eight years.”

However, although the country looks better than eight years ago, “it is still not what it could be,” he said. Reiterating his faith in “work, family and the homeland,” Orbán said Hungary was a successful model which back in 2010 the Hungarians could only hope for, but now believed in as well.

Citing an increase in the number of marriages and birthrate, the Fidesz chairman observed that “we are still very far” from a sustainable level.

He also touted the fact that gas no longer came only from the Russians (!!!) and that “more than half of Hungarian media had come to be in national ownership.”

Hungary first!

The head of government warned against delivering Hungary’s independence “into the internationalists’ hands.”

Orbán praised his party for its solidarity with which it also held the country together. “We ensure continuity, the party’s bloodline extends back to the system change.”

He proclaimed that “the Hungarian case is a won case” in that “there is experience, comrades, international respect, and what appears for now to be an unfailing strength of deeds .” According to Orbán, the “homeland is an anchor of the heart” and patriots are deserving of praise because “the homeland comes before everything, or Americanized: for us Hungary comes first.”

Since Fidesz returned to power in 2010, political correctness had been discarded.  “We returned the muzzle to Brussels and the leash to the IMF,” he boasted. reports:

“In this pool that is free of political correctness we Hungarians, according to Orbán, splash around, except sometimes water is splashed.” Before we tidy up, a self-definition is born: We are anti-communists and patriots, if it wasn’t already taken, I would say that we are the western power.

After denigrating the main political opposition, Orbán said that the time was at hand not to change the government but to change the opposition. He joked that Zugló mayor Gergely Karácsony, who is heading the joint MSZP-Dalogue for Hungary list, had been tasked by the Socialists with ensuring that they are voted out of parliament.

“Homo Sorosicus”

The head of government then turned to his favorite subject of late: that of defending Christian Europe from the hordes of Moslem invaders.  Warning that the number of refugees and Moslems living in Europe was on the rise, and that the population of Africa was growing quickly, he said two paths stood before the continent: either economic acceleration and with that an increase in living standards, as in the case of Asia, or for hundreds of millions to head north to Europe.  He warned that in the latter case “Moslems will quickly come to form the majority in our part of the world,” and that the west was falling “without even noticing.”

The Fidesz chairman observed that the “old European peoples” were already “Islamicizing,” and that there was no political force in the endangered countries that could reverse the trend. He said he could not decide whether this was the curse of American billionaire philanthropist George Soros or the consequence of historical events, but that in any case under the leadership of Defense Minister Sándor Pinter the country had succeeded in defending its borders, concluding from this that Hungary was developing “in a manner different than Western and Eastern Europe.”

Fortunately, “politicians wishing to save Christian culture” have “friends in the west,” and the battle they wage is not hopeless, Orbán assured the party faithful.  “In fact, we are victorious, Croatia has come to its senses,” he boasted.

Confident that Silvio Berlusconi would return to power in Italy, Orbán said German socialist politician Martin Schulz, former president of the European Parliament, “had bitten us but broke its tooth in us.”

He concluded by condemning Soros and his “money Hungary” colleagues and “opposition Hungarian activists,” whom he accused of wanting to cross Hungarians with migrants to create a breed of “Homo Sorosicus.”

Countries admitting migrants should keep them, and he spoke critically of the United Nations’ latest proposals for dealing with the European refugee crisis.  The head of government accused pro-migration western politicians “arriving to Hungary in cars with closed windows” of hypocrisy, telling them “to take down the fences around their houses between demolishing our fences.”

“If it is campaign season, then reality keeps its mouth closed,” said Orbán, claiming that the political opposition was in a hopeless situation having failed to back the government’s anti-migrant policies.

“There is room for a muzzle”

Leading members of the political opposition had the following to say about Orbán’s speech, reports the daily online.

MSZP chairman Gyula Molnár called Orbán’s speech “the production speech of the director of a mid-sized socialist company, punctuated with some false and hypocritical illusions.”

DK spokesman Zsolt Gréczy wrote that the prime minister had yet held his last state of the country address. “We regret that once again he put himself out with his favorite conspiratorial theories.  It would have been more than even if he had said when his son-in-law would return the stolen billions and would go to jail together with his criminal co-conspirators.”

LMP co-chair and candidate for prime minister Bernadette Szél responded by posting a video on her Facebook page claiming that the prime minister’s speech was about “a different Hungary where, apart from Fidesz, everyone’s an enemy, wants Hungary to lose, and where the the most important question of the campaign is whether a fence nobody wants to take down should remain.”

“Although Orbán talks about getting back our independence, point by point he is implementing the ‘Putin plan’.”

Jobbik reacted to the prime minister’s speech by issuing a press statement.

“The prime minister thinks the past eight years were successful, but he must have been thinking about his own eight years as his straw men amassed assets never before seen.  Hungary received 20,000 rich and 2,300 poor migrants, the former admitted by Viktor Orbán for money, the latter in secrecy.”

Citing the Elios Zrt. scandal involving the prime minister’s son-in-law, István Tiborcz, Hungary’s radical right-wing party claims the prime minister’s “mafiosos are plundering the country in a shameful manner,” as a result of which “today every third Hungarian is forced to endure serious deprivation, run-down hospitals, overtaxed companies, impoverished pensioners, and abandoned FX debtors. The real result of the Orbán government is intimidation, corruption, concealed migrants, Hungarians left by the roadside, and emigrated youth.”

Momentum Movement reacted succinctly that “Viktor Orbán exchanged the IMF’s leash for Putin’s collar, but there is room for a muzzle.”