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Viktor Orbán on immigration: “We must defend ourselves!”

In his regular Friday radio interview, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called attention to the difference between migration within the European Union and migration from outside of the EU.

He said that within the EU member states people were free to move about as tourists or workers.  For this reason, it is not possible to speak of “immigration” or “emigration” within the European Union, since “one mutual desire created an economic area within which we move.”  For this reason it was “absurd” to speak of people emigrating from Hungary to Germany or London.

“They cannot emigrate since we ourselves wanted to create a mutual economic area within which one can freely work,” said Orbán, who called attention to the fact that the term immigration applies to people coming from outside the EU.

(Welcome to our world!-ed.)

He said that on the basis of EU law if somebody enters Hungary without a permit, and says he is a political refugee or asks asylum and shows a piece of paper proving this, then he can no longer be treated as an existential immigrant, when, in reality, this is the case, at least according to the Prime Minister.

Orbán said “we are talking about hoards of educated people”, and who, unlike before, have been prepared by lawyers and legal experts and know precisely what they must do upon arrival to qualify as asylum seekers rather than illegal immigrants.

“This is a Christian country.  We have mercy in our hearts.  Obviously, we should help those who are being persecuted,” said the Prime Minister. But Hungary “must say no to existential immigrants and make it clear to them that they will not make their livelihood here”.

“Here in Hungary, contrary to Europe’s customary political correctness, we need to speak clearly and to the point.  We have to speak the truth: we do not want Hungary to be a target for existential migration”.

(It isn’t. At most it is a transit country for the simple reason that there are no jobs and the economy is terrible. –ed.)

He said the number of refugee applicants reached 43,000 in 2014, adding that the trend was “alarming”.

Orbán said Brussels was not going to protect Hungary when confronted with this problem, and it was for the Hungarians to solve.   “We must defend ourselves.  We must fight for Brussels to change the rules and not impose unnatural rules on us!” said Hungary’s Prime Minister.


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