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“Viktor Orbán is not telling the truth”

Municipal government has neither the right nor the jurisdiction to decide on national matters, according to Gödöllő mayor György Gémesi.

The president of the Alliance of Hungarian Municipal told ATV on Friday that municipal employees were actively campaigning on behalf of the national government in a number of cities by threatening to cut social aid should the October 2 migrant quota referendum fail to yield a valid “no” result.

He referred to as “blackmail” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s threat to settle migrants in those settlements where there aren’t enough “no” votes.

Gémesi said municipal leaders  work according to laws that apply equally to everyone, and there was no possibility of their employing special solutions in the case of national questions.

He repeated what he told ATV previously, namely that Orbán is not telling the truth when he claims that local governments have been negotiating directly with EU leaders regarding the refugee question.

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