“Viktor Orbán’s life is an open book before the Hungarian voting public”

September 6, 2016


“What is your relationship to Lőrinc Mészáros’ assets?” asked Szabolcs Szabó (Együtt) of Viktor Orbán in writing, seeking to understand, among other things, how Hungary’s prime minister came to reside in an elegant home whose renovation was paid for by the former gas pipe fitter turned billionaire entrepreneur.

In response to Szabo’s inquiry, Csaba Dömötör, undersecretary at the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Office, answered on Orbán’s behalf (albeit one day after the legal deadline for doing so):

“Naturally the prime minister has no connection to any assets, including those of Lőrinc Mészáros.”

Dömötör points out that, as a member of parliament since 1990, Orbán “has fulfilled all of his requirements without fail for 26 years” and that “from this it follows that he has nothing to hide, and that his life is an open book before the Hungarian citizenry.”

The undersecretary notes that Orbán’s declaration of personal assets “is in complete accord with reality” and that “anything else is just a rumor, supposition or baseless accusations driven by political interests.”

In response to Szabó’s reference to the fact that Mészáros was suing Együtt (Together) for defamation, after the opposition party repeatedly referred to the rags-to-riches entrepreneur with a penchant for winning lucrative state contracts as “Orbán’s straw man,” Dömötör said: “We have nothing to do with your party’s legal disputes.”