Viktor Orbán’s younger brother’s company received $1.5 million worth of EU funds in August

September 8, 2016

Győző Orbán Jr.
Győző Orbán Jr.

A company co-owned by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s younger brother received HUF 291 million (USD 1.5 million) in European Union funds in August, reports Hungarian investigative journalism site Direkt 36.

Győző Orbán Jr. has owned 26% of Gamma Analcont Kft. since January 2015. The company produces technical equipment, and received the HUF 291 million for a renewable energy project it is undertaking with another company, Borsodtech Kft.

In January this year, the company received an additional HUF 57 million (USD 205,000) on its own for “expansion of production capacity.” The company had also received EU funding prior to Győző Orbán’s co-ownership, in 2009 and 2013, for a combined total of HUF 62 million (USD 223,000). Still, applications for EU funding are handled by the government and have gone directly through the Prime Minister’s office since an organizational restructuring in 2013. This means that all private proposals for EU money cross the desk of Viktor Orbán.

Győző Orbán Jr.’s company received the money as part of a program by the government encouraging research and development. As part of that program, some 250 companies received a total of HUF 67 billion, Gamma Analcont receiving an only slightly higher-than-average amount. The receipt of these sums, however, becomes interesting when one considers how often people within Viktor Orbán’s inner circle receive monies from the very EU that the Prime Minister continually attacks.

The Direkt 36 investigation cites larges sums received by business interests of Lőrinc Mészáros, István Tiborcz and Lajos Simicska, all easily connected to the Prime Minister. This in addition to a long and continuous line of business interests connected to Orbán winning EU funding under the patronage of the Hungarian government since Fidesz’s election victory in 2010.