“Viktor, self-praise will never result in popular satisfaction”

February 18, 2016


A quarter-page ad appearing on the front page of Wednesday’s edition of Népszava excoriates Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for deliberately deceiving his own people for the sake of personal gain and retaining power.

The ad reads as follows:



in my opinion both expressions are constitute premeditated

spreading of false information,

deliberate deception

and manipulation of the masses.

This is a crime!

It is possible to forgive a person for many things, but
not for manipulating his own people for the sake of personal gain and retaining power, continuously filling them with false information and deliberately deceiving them.

Nobody has the right to do this.

And anyone who does not intercede, is helping him!

“Viktor, self-praise will never result in popular satisfaction.”


Stefan Körmendi

(the europakraft GmbH managing director)

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The same entrepreneur posted the following his Facebook page on February 10th:

“I say that those who govern Hungary no longer just hate foreign countries, but the Hungarian people as well.”  He writes that the government deliberately instills fear in the people, only to quickly offer them protection.  Referring to Fidesz’ recent proposal to modify the basic law again to enable the government to declare a state of emergency without consulting parliament or the president in the case of an actual or perceived terrorist threat, the author said their “game is for the people to give every kind of power to the government out of fear.”

If they vote, and Fidesz’s popularity decreases, then Orbán can introduce a state of emergency for years.  The foreign companies will leave, the EU will end the supports says Kormendi, who believes those will enjoy an advantage who are already working abroad.

The post then invites qualified Hungarians to go work for them.  “We are looking for skilled tradesman to perform metal work in Germany.”

This is not Körmendi’s first time appearing in the Hungarian press.  In April 2014 he told Nepszabadság that the govenrment had tricked foreign companies by luring them to Hungary with the promise that well-trained tradesmen were awaiting them here, even though this turned out not to be the case.”

He told the left-wing print daily that 60 percent of the people who applied for the job of welder could not weld “because they never welded in the trade school because the school could not buy the necessary gas for this.”  He said it was a mistake of his company to undertake a HUF 1 billion project in Nagytarcsán, saying that it wasted two years of his life.