Vona attacks Orbán, demands resignation if referendum fails

June 16, 2016

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“Viktor Orbán is the hotbed of corruption in Hungary, who cares about nothing else but stealing and soccer.” – Gábor Vona, chairman, Jobbik

Jobbik chairman Gábor Vona had some harsh words for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at a press conference Wednesday.

The Jobbik chairman called on the Prime Minister to resign if Hungary’s upcoming referendum on the EU compulsory refugee resettlement quota does not result in a valid vote against the quota, as the government hopes and expects, having spent some HUF 5 billion telling Hungarians what to think and how to vote in the referendum ostensibly intended to gauge public opinion.

“If it goes wrong, it will send the opposite of the intended message to Brussels,” Vona said. He added that it is in the interests of his party as well that the vote be against mandatory quotas, and that he himself will vote against them in the referendum, according to news site HVG.hu.

Thanks to changes to the referendum law adopted by the second Orbán government, in order for the referendum to be valid, at least 50 percent of eligible Hungarian voters must participate — a tall order given low voter participation in elections.

Index.hu reports that Jobbik has proposed a constitutional amendment that would exempt Hungary from complying with EU regulations requiring its member states to resettle a minimum number of migrants.  If adopted, it would be the seventh time Hungary’s Fundamental Law “carved in granite” had been modified since coming into force in 2012.


A clever political ploy

Vona’s strategy seems to be to discredit Fidesz on an issue in which the two right-wing parties agree.  A survey conducted in May by Fidesz brain trust  Századvég shows that a vast majority of Hungarians would vote against the mandatory quotas if the referendum were to be held now. Of those surveyed, 72 percent said they would definitely or probably vote in the referendum, of which 90 percent said they would vote against the mandatory quotas, according to HVG.hu.

Preceding the referendum, which is set to take place some time between September 4th and October 9th, the government has initiated a propaganda campaign and authorized the use of HUF 4.9 billion (USD 18 million), according to Magyar Nemzet.

Who is more corrupt?

Vona went further to accuse Orbán of corruption, saying, “Viktor Orbán is the hotbed of corruption in Hungary, who cares about nothing else but stealing and soccer.”

Fidesz snapped back with similar accusations of corruption within Jobbik.