“You have to vote whether you want the migrants to come here to Csömör”

September 15, 2016

Photo: Index
Photo: Index

At a public forum in a packed cultural house of Csömör Wednesday evening, Fidesz politicians Bence Tuzson and Máté Kocsis warned of the dangers migrants pose to each and every one of Hungary’s 3200 settlements.

Likening Kocsis’s presentation to a “training for vacuum cleaner salesmen”, Index reports that he “played the role of the understanding father, who knows it is difficult to distinguish between those fleeing war and economic migrants”.

The “understanding father” told the audience that the October 2 referendum is the only way to prevent the EU from penalizing Hungary HUF 78 million (USD 290,000) per migrant it refuses to settle, and that he is counting on them to persuade their neighbors to vote “no” in the referendum.

Kocsis then cited a long litany of reasons why Hungary should refuse to admit refugees, including that Europe suffers from high unemployment, the danger of terrorism, the spread of “no-go” zones across the map of Europe, the fact that migrants don’t want to integrate, and that they molest women.

The Fidesz politician assured the audience that the government is not an enemy of the EU, but rather is making helpful suggestions, and that Hungary is not a cruel, insensitive brutish country since it had contributed EUR 5 million towards the construction of a hospital in Syria, had distributed HUF 1 billion to various charitable organizations, and “helped in the education of 740 persecuted Christian children”.

He said that, unlike NGOs funded by billionaire American-Hungarian philanthropist George Soros, the government is not afraid of the “will of the majority” and that “sooner or later the people will be right, and we think it should be sooner”, and that “whoever fears the will of the people is afraid of the people”.

He warned that leading EU and opposition politicians expect EU member states to take care of the illegal immigrants at the expense of their own populations.

“They need to live somewhere.  The people need to decide whether they need for their neighbor to be an illegal immigrant,” said the Fidesz politician.

He closed his remarks by saying that the referendum is really 3200 referendums, one for each settlement, in which “you have to vote whether you want the migrants to come here to Csömör”.

Kocsis responsed to remarks from the audience that “Soros’ institutions were helping the migrants because he hates the government of Hungary” and the reason for this is “that he’s a Jew and as such has sworn revenge on Europe for the Holocaust”.

Kocsis said one’s religion is irrelevant and pointed out that eight Jews died in the terrorist attack on Parisian satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. He further volunteered that a number of Jewish institutions in Budapest’s District 8 were “disquieted by what is happening.

“We have lived in community and in peace with the Jews for 850 years.  In fact, there is no longer such a thing as a pure Hungarian person, as all of us are a mix of Cumans, Jász and other peoples.

“Rather, let’s look at the financial side.  Who is interested in a weak Europe?” he asked, before quickly dropping the subject lest the media accuse him of making antisemitic remarks at a public forum.