Waning opposition support causes Fidesz numbers to surge, pollster finds

December 11, 2017

Photo: Facebook/Orbán Viktor

Hungarian pollster Republikon says support for Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has climbed to 57 percent among decided voters. The poll results, published by 24.hu, show

  • Fidesz has managed to increase its base by 12 percentage points, from 45 percent in May,
  • Democratic Coalition (DK) and Politics Can Be Different (LMP) are each polling at 6 percent,
  • Momentum is polling at 3 percent, and
  • Együtt-PM, a short-lived electoral coalition that ended last week, polled at 2 percent.

Party preference among all eligible voters shows Fidesz with a sizable lead at 34 percent, 6 percentage points less than that of undecided respondents.