WEF: Hungary’s public trust in politicians ranks between that of Nepal and Mongolia

September 30, 2015

Hungary’s economic competitiveness ranks 63rd of 140 countries from around the world and 24th of the 28 European Union Member States, according to the World Economic Forum’s 2015-2016 Global Competitiveness Report. The WEF report outlining Hungary’s country-specific rankings can be read here.

According to the report, some of Hungary’s poorest competitive rankings were in the areas of

  • Property rights: Ranked 120th between Bangladesh and Bolivia,
  • Ethics and corruption: Ranked 98th between Romania and Mongolia,
  • Judicial independence: Ranked 79th between Lao PDR and Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Favoritism in decisions of government officials: Ranked 125th between Chad and the Dominican Republic
  • Strength of investor protection: Ranked 95th between Ukraine and Uganda
  • Burden of government regulation: Ranked 128th between Slovenia and Zimbabwe
  • Efficiency of legal framework in challenging regulations: Ranked 120th between Bolivia and Zimbabwe

Other areas where Hungary ranked in the bottom half of the 140 countries assessed include health and primary education, goods market efficiency, labor market efficiency, and business sophistication.