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“The world will be a better place with Donald Trump as US president” says Viktor Orbán

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Kossuth Rádió on Friday that the world will be a better place with Donald Trump as President of the United States, reports hirado.hu.

“The theatre of war is in Brussels”

Asked why Hungary’s opposition parties did not vote to modify the Fundamental Law, the head of government told the state-owned radio station that they had “gone over to the side of Brussels,” and in the weeks and months to come only Fidesz-KDNP could be relied upon to continue the struggle to stop immigration. “In this struggle you cannot count on the opposition,” he said, claiming that Jobbik had gone from being “radical” to “representing Brussels’ point of view in Hungary.”

In response to whether there are further plans to modify the Fundamental Law, he said “the theater of war” is in Brussels.  “At home we did what could be done, so our conscience is clear.  We held a national consultation, we organized a referendum, then they recommended an amendment to the constitution, but this we could not achieve,” he said.  It was necessary to interpret the Basic Law’s “not unequivocal” wording with respect to migration, and with this “old bag” they must fight the struggle in Brussels.  The prime ministers of EU member states are scheduled to meet in Brussels on December 15 and 16 where, according to Orbán, the EU’s relationship to immigration will be determined for the future years.

The prime minister said he considers the immigration matter to be the most important question of our lives today, and will be so for many years, thus it should be “removed from the logic of partisan politics and come before every other question.”  He believes, however, that “the opposition parties cannot grow up” to this responsibility because “they think that what is bad for the government is good for them.”

“The Turks will decide for themselves what they want”

On the migration agreement between the EU and Turkey, he said that, for its part, Hungary would give Turkey the respect of considering questions of Turkish domestic politics exclusively a matter for the Turkish people: “They will decide for themselves what they want.”  He said Hungary’s point of view is based on a desire for Turkey to remain a stable country, as the absence of this “could mean serious danger for us. We need to support those political forces in Turkey that wish to create calm, predictability and stability.” Orbán warned that should Europe fail to fulfill its agreement with Turkey,  “we need to be able to defend our own countries.”

Hungarian-American political cooperation is improving

Orbán expects a complete change in Hungarian-American political cooperation as a result of Donald Trump’s victory in the US election. He said Hungary’s economic and security connections with the United States are strong, but they “always run aground with Democratic administrations”, whose “liberal elite live in a fantasy world divorced from reality” which they wish to impose on others, including Hungary. The Democratic Party demanded an ideological mode of thinking that involved exporting democracy, as it understood the term, to the world, and it “supported the migration processes taking place in the world.”

The prime minister said “there is a strong chance” that the world will be a better place with Trump, adding “we crossed the threshold of a new age.”  He said Brexit “was the knock on the door but now we have stepped across the threshold” and “reality has triumphed.”

As for Trump’s politics, he called attention to campaigning and governance being two different things.  He said Hungary is interested in a rational,  sober, carefully considered American foreign policy.

European security will also be different

In response to Trump’s opposition to free trade negotiations, Orbán said his government does not support them either and “in this we agree.”  He noted that in future European security will also be different, and “we have to sacrifice more to protect our own security”, as the president-elect had made it clear the US “is no longer willing to pay the same check as before. It will also be good for us if we take the security question seriously and not think of it as someone from outside the continent guaranteeing an enormous US army. Rather we have to do something for European security.”

Orbán said the subject of American-Russian relations was more difficult.  He called “shallow” the notion that the club of strong world leaders is a “testosterone club.”  He said difficult questions are behind tensions between Russia and the West, but the situation could be “fixed,” and it is in Hungary’s interest for there to be a “return from the warlike mood to one of peace and a culture of cooperation,” but “this does not happen from one day to the other.”

Protecting the interests of Hungarians working in Great Britain

Regarding last Wednesday’s meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, Orbán said they discussed European migration policies, and the British also believe it is a crime to cross a border illegally.  Calling the British exit from the EU “a loss for Hungary because on other questions the opinions of the two nations are similar,” he said an agreement had been reached on Hungarians working in Great Britain, and their situation would not be allowed to deteriorate, nor that of British citizens working in Hungary.  Further discussions would look into whether those wishing to go to England in the future would be allowed.

Necessary to make Hungary attractive

Orbán said Hungarians working in tourism abroad are spoken of highly and he respects those who seek their futures in such a world.  Hungarians working abroad sent around HUF 1 trillion home annually and thus “play a serious role in the maintenance of Hungary’s economy.”

“As for who decides when they would rather continue their lives at home,” nobody could decide for them, and it was the obligation of the government to make Hungary a place that ensures “attractive, productive” lives.

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