Young Afghan volunteer saves life of Hungarian

August 14, 2015

A 16-year-old Afghan volunteer working at a donation collection point in Budapest’s District VIII saved the life of a Hungarian man.

Hungarian news site reports that Szilárd Kálmár, a civilian coordinator helping refugees around John Paul II Square in Budapest, posted the story on Friday morning.

The incident occurred on Thursday where the group was collecting donations, writes Kálmár.

A Hungarian man was climbing a set of stairs when he bumped into a glass door, causing it to break. A shard lodged in his arm, severing an artery. 

Budapest Seen, a Facebook page serving as a visual diary focusing on the refugee crisis in Budapest, posted pictures of the horrific scene Friday morning.

Aziz, a 16-year-old Afghan volunteer, immediately came to his aid.

Using his own pants leg as a tourniquet, Aziz tied it around the man’s arm. It turns out Aziz had experience tying tourniquets in Afghanistan.

Volunteer medical professionals at the scene immediately came to the injured man’s aid and helped save his life.

“[Aziz] was the hero today, especially because it took paramedics one hour and ten minutes to arrive at the scene,” Kálmár writes. “If Aziz, an Afghan boy, wasn’t here, then there would be one less Hungarian today in this country.”