Zoltán Büki: Chain Bridge closure is “just the beginning”

March 19, 2015


Demonstrators created a downtown traffic jam on Wednesday evening by closing both ends of Budapest’s Chain Bridge.  Protest organizer Zoltán Büki (pictured) and his team used cars to block traffic from entering the bridge for an hour.

They expect police to charge them for committing a misdemeanor.

Büki told ATV Start on Thursday that Wednesday’s bridge closure was “only the beginning”and his group would respond to future bad government decisions in a similar manner.

In protest against government-mandated closures of shops on Sundays, Büki and his team ask drivers on local and city roads to stop wherever they are at 4pm and honk their horns continuously for  five minutes. Büki believes the action will reveal the number of people opposed to Sunday closures.

Shoppers competed for parking spaces and braved long check-out lines on Saturday as families accustomed to buying groceries on Sunday did their shopping a day earlier instead.