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Zoom.hu: Fidesz-connected agencies have reserved all available billboards in run-up to election

Photo: MTI

Zoom.hu reports that Fidesz has ordered all the billboard spaces available for political campaigns through December (with the exception of those owned by Lajos Simicska’s billboard company). If true, then Hungary’s political opposition will have limited exposure when it comes to billboard advertising in the run-up to the general election on April 8.

According to Zoom.hu:

  • Several sources in the advertising industry have confirmed that ad agencies connected to Fidesz placed the orders for the political ad spaces with billboard companies.
  • These contracts reportedly last through December.
  • If any of these billboard companies provide ad space to opposition parties once the campaign season officially begins on February 17, they could lose the entire advertising contract with Fidesz-connected ad agencies for the year.
  • The number of billboards and “citylight” poster spots in Hungary is estimated to be around 20-25,000 and 14,000, respectively. The number of billboard spots available for political advertising may be around 6-8,000.
  • Billboard companies may earn HUF 100 million from such contracts with Fidesz-aligned ad agencies. Ad agencies will not necessarily place ads on these billboards. Rather, it enables the agencies to limit the ability of other agencies to place ads.
Benjamin Novak :